RegSHO.com is an automated compliance tool that keeps back offices in compliance with the new and changing SEC, NASD and exchange guidelines for short selling. RegSHO.com also offers the ability to resolve short selling compliance issues using an advanced stock location technology that helps firms comply with borrowing requirements related to short sales.

RegSHO.com has two services it is launching shortly:

  1. Compliance and Notification Service: This will email registered users when a stock goes on/off any of the Threshold Security Lists and warn when a stock approaches the 13 day buy-in date. It will also notify users when a stock is both on the Threshold List and crossing up above one of the volume weighted average short price levels ("SqueezeTrigger") levels so that short sellers will have advanced warning of an impending short squeeze that will negatively affect their trade. We will also finalize a technology that monitors a portfolio of stocks defined by the user and notifies them if any of the before-mentioned events is taking place specifically on stocks in their portfolio. The service will also show customers how to resolve borrowing issues and failures-to-deliver by incorporating LocateStock borrow data.
  2. Stock Locate Technology: Users will register on RegSHO.com and the registration info will be automatically passed to employees of LocateStock.com to validate the user and input them into the LocateStock database. RegSHO.com will also provide LocateStock access to a large relational database of stockholders, executives and institutional shareholders along with records of stock they own, physical address, phone numbers, broker codes (brokerage firm housing stock) and email address.

We are firm believers of eliminating inefficiencies in the Securities Lending Industry. For years the Securities Lending Markets have lacked transparency and liquidity. The insufficiency of reliable market data and the introduction of Regulation SHO motivated us to create a more efficient way for Hedge Funds and Traders to locate a stock prior to executing a short sale.

We are one of the world's first electronic securities lending portals that modernizes and simplifies the Securities Finance Industry.

RegSHO.COM houses two unique software platforms. Our software was engineered by LocateStock.com from the ground up with two specific criteria in mind:

  1. Create transparency and liquidity by enabling hedge funds and traders electronic access to U.S. domestic securities.
  2. Provide electronic locates with all the critical data required by Regulation SHO.

The most important aspect in Securities Lending is supply, while execution is the most important aspect of trading!

Hedge Funds and non-clearing broker dealers whose traders do not utilize the RegSHO.com software platform may have to endure tiered allocations, partial locates, or no locate whatsoever from their clearing correspondents. Their current alternative, as per Regulation SHO, is no execution due to an unsuccessful locate.

With the use of the RegSHO.com platform, non-clearing broker dealers, hedge funds, or any entity wishing to execute a short sale can enjoy access to a vast supply of U.S. equities in order to receive electronic locates in seconds.

RegSHO.com is adding a whole new dimension to the Short Sale community. We are rapidly becoming the premier portal for stock loan data as well as being touted as the answer to Regulation SHO!

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